Moving help

We carry out the moving or transport of furniture and various objects for people who cannot under any circumstances call on private movers, given the high cost of these, and moreover cannot guarantee the means of payment which are asked of them.

In addition, these moves address:
- to people who do not have enough income
- to people housed in accommodation centers
- individuals wishing to save money

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Our Solidarity Store

Mosaik offers a flea market spread over an area of ​​1200 m² and divided into 3 different areas:

- The men's and women's thrift store, where you will find a large selection of various clothes and shoes: pants, skirts, suits, jackets, etc.

- The household appliances section, with numerous refrigerators, microwaves, gas cookers, freezers, etc...

- The flea market, where you can purchase many everyday objects: furniture, hi-fi, electronics, books, etc.

All items are available in store at 46 rue du Pech, 31100 Toulouse. We welcome you from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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Collection & reuse

Mosaik collects and reprocesses many types of materials... So don't throw away what can be reused! In good condition, these objects may be useful to someone:
- Old furniture (cabinets, sideboards, chests of drawers, chairs, tables, desks...)
- Small objects (trinkets, dishes, records, vinyls, DVDs, etc.)
- Textiles (clothing, curtains, table linens, draperies, lace, shoes, etc.)

- Household appliances (gas stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, sewing machines, etc.)
- Paper (books, old magazines, postcards, old papers, etc.)
- Equipment (doors, windows, various tools, bicycles, sinks, bathtubs, radiators, etc.)
- Anything that is repairable or recyclable...

How to remove a bulky object?
With a simple call, we will come to clear out your bulky items.

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Recycling and environment

Furniture, clothing, household appliances... Objects that we no longer want do not necessarily become waste. Everyone wins when they are recovered:
- This avoids increasing the tonnage of waste to be treated, which is more costly for the community
- This creates social jobs through collection, sorting, repair and resale
- It is useful to other people who cannot afford something new
- It’s a simple action in favor of sustainable development

Environmental mosaic

Welcome to Mosaik Environnement , a space where social commitment meets the circular economy. We offer quality products at reasonable prices. Mosaik environment is also integration through work in collaboration with training centers. Each participation at Mosaik Environnement contributes to building a strong and supportive community. Join us on this adventure!

  • Reading boxes

    Not all unused books are thrown away!

    We are committed to distributing them every week to neighborhood reading boxes .

  • The relay

    After each sorting of clothes, all unused clothes are dropped off at the drop-off point each week.

  • Eco-systems

    Each defective small household appliance is put aside to place in the eco-system boxes.